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Asian Casinos

Many countries in Asia offer casino gaming. But with the meteoric rise of Macau in the last few years, many people think that the only country in the region with gambling is Macau.

Macau has had gaming for 150 years, but only since control of the colony reverted from Portuguese to Chinese in 1999 have things gotten hot in this tiny enclave. Macau is known for high rollers and these five star casino resorts leave no question in mind as to why they love Macau. In 2002 when the Chinese government opened up the gaming industry to casino operators outside of Macau the revenues of the casinos have overtaken those of Las Vegas. Read about the end of Stanley Ho's monopoly on casinos in Macao.

Nearly all the countries in this region have taken notice and legislative efforts to legalize casino gambling are now creating strong interest in these countries. Of the countries without casinos, Singapore has been the first to take action, legalizing casino gambling in the end of 2006 and issuing two gaming licenses. Japan and Taiwan may be next, with Indonesia and Thailand left as the last main hold-outs.

Malaysia has a very established casino in Genting Highlands and for many years it was the only casino in the country. For a long time Genting's casino was by far the largest casino in the world. Malaysia borders Thailand and many of Genting's customers are Thai. In the late 1990's the countries neighboring Thailand started opening casinos up along the Thai border. Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma), now have many casinos and Laos which only had one for the last ten years has decided to issue another 10 casino licenses. Viet Nam is close by and it looks like the country is about to allow a major casino expansion.

Lotteries exist in one way or another in every country in the region, even in countries that does not have casinos like Thailand, China, and Indonesia.

Here are some of the big casino operators in Asia sorted by their country of origin: