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Casinos in Europe

Europe may be the world's second-smallest continent in the world in terms of land area, but when it comes to number of casinos, it sure is among the top three.

Europe is comprised of approximately 50 states. Russia is the largest in terms of land area and population, while Vatican City is the smallest. Around half of these states have some form of casino - be it unfussy arcade-type venues or big, Las Vegas-style facilities.

According to the 2008 figures from the European Casino Association (ECA), there are 1,010 casinos in Europe, as many as 220 of which are in the Czech Republic (arcades are considered as casinos here).

The following is a list of European countries with their corresponding number of casinos based on data from the ECA.

Austria 12
Belgium 9
Czech Republic* 220
Denmark 6
Estonia* 148
Finland 5
France 196
Germany 79
Great Britain (UK) 142
Greece 9
Hungary 5
Italy 4
Lithuania 25
Luxembourg 1
Netherlands 14
Poland 27
Portugal 10
Romania 23
Serbia 1
Slovenia 12
Spain 43
Sweden 4
Switzerland 19

*arcades have the same status as casinos in these countries

Casinos in Europe are governed by the respective gambling laws of each state where the casinos are located. For example, the legal gambling age in Greece is 23 years old, while the legal gambling age in the UK is only 18.

Here are some of the big casino operators in Europe sorted by their country of origin: