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South American Casinos

South America, like the rest of the world, has casinos. Casinos are most prevalent in Argentina which has more than 70 casinos located within its borders.

Peru and Chile have a large number of casinos as well. You will also find casinos in the following countries: Suriname, Venezuela, Uruguay, Columbia and Ecuador.

Most casinos in South America are as up to date as anywhere else in the world and most of the larger facilities are all-inclusive resort style casinos catering to more than just the gambling sector.

These facilities have a full range of tourist activities available. You will find most standard casino games here as well as some you may not have heard of.

Poker is available in the casinos. You'll also find home poker games in South America, but be careful, these games are not always legal.

Argentina has over 80 casinos making it the most casino populous spot in a South America. Colombia has the next most but this is difficult to authenticate due to political issues in the country.

You will find casino gambling in all other countries in South America except, surprisingly, the largest country on the continent - Brazil.

Guyana recently legalized casinos and there is an ongoing process regarding legislation in Bolivia and Paraguay. The Chilean government in mid 2006 allowed for the building of nine new casinos and resorts, totaling an investment of US$ 325 million and creating some 4.000 new jobs, but a bid to open a casino in Easter Island failed, the casino on earth farthest from any other place on earth.