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African Casinos

A safari may be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Africa. And in recent years, a new jungle is emerging throughout the African continent - the green felt jungle of casinos.

The continued growth of African casinos is relative to the continent's draw as a tourist destination. Africa has more than 20 national parks. The continent also offers exotic beaches nature reserves.

Truly, tourism plays a vital part in African economy and the emergence of casino facilities has given tourists another exciting attraction.

However, there was a time when casinos can only be found in Egypt or South Africa.

Today, casinos are fast spreading from Morocco in Northern Africa, to Botswana in the South; from Nigeria in the West to Kenya in the East. Even in islands like Madagascar and Seychelles, casinos are opening their opulent doors.

African casinos are growing not just in numbers, but in terms of gaming quality as well. African casino gaming authorities have passed laws to safeguard the welfare of casino patrons and preserve the integrity of the games.

As early as 2005, representatives of South African casinos signed the first-ever national gambling industry code of conduct, which makes it one of the first jurisdictions to do so outside of the United States.

With the increasing popularity of casino games comes the excitement of Poker, in fact, the game enjoys quite a following in the southern part of the African continent.

In 2004, the South African Poker Association (SAPA) was formed to give South African poker players standard guidelines for common poker variations, in keeping with the accepted international poker rules.

Casino Gaming in Africa is managed through licenses awarded each country's gaming board.

Here's a list of casino chains which have been given licenses to operate gaming facilities in Africa: